Durability and
trouble-free operations

Designed to last for 30,000 cycles, it has a heavy-duty construction, featuring Power Balance, an unbalance detection system for optimized extraction. Less stress on the machine guarantees higher durability and trouble-free operations.


An intuitive interface makes the washer flexible and customizable.
It is easy and safe to operate thanks to the wide door opening and the automatic inner drum positioning.

Top Hygiene

The highest level of hygiene control and monitoring is maintained throughout the whole process, thanks to the Certus Management® Information System (CMIS).

Improved productivity

Optimized programs save time and energy with an extra cycle a day, compared to equivalent machines on the market.

industrial laundry equipment

Low running costs

The optimized design of the drum reduces the dead volume and saves water.
With the Electrolux Efficient Dosing System, the machine automatically adjusts the detergent quantity to the actual load.
The washer provides the best economy and performance, as well as environmental friendliness.