Tin Industrial Services has an established reputation for quality and service in providing furnishing, bathroom and sanitary ware solution to businesses in the hospitality in industries.

No matter how large or small your hotel furnishing requirements are we always do everything we can do to satisfy your needs. From hotel furniture to beddings, sofas, cushions and luxury sanitary wares we offer high supplies at very competitive prices.

Our sheets, bed spreads and blankets are warm cozy, attractive and will stand up to hundreds of washings without wearing, breaking or fading. Our pillows and cushions are soft and comfortable, yet resistant to stain and easy to clean. Our sofas are perfect combinations of sophistication style and functionality, offering a series of ideas and an infinite number of solutions that meet your each and every needs.

Whatever your bathroom project is, for hotels, commercial buildings , luxury apartments homes, we offer all to suit your taste and meet your needs. From bathroom furniture, suites, vanity units, bath, showers, basins, WC to cabinets and taps we deliver all to your doorstep. The choice of bathroom and sanitary wares we sell will buy into an extra ordinary place to rejuvenate your body and soul.

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