• Medium Capacity
    Dryers with capacity from 10 kg / 22 lb T4290 (13.5 kg/29 lbs) T4530 (27 kg/60 lbs) T4650 (35 kg/77 lbs
  • High Capacity
    High capacity dryers from 36 kg / 79 lb. T4900 (45kg / 100 lbs) T41200 (66 kg / 135 lbs
  • Stack Dryers
    These space savers provide high productivity and greater profits per square foot. T4300S (2x13.6 kg/2x29 lbs) T4420S (2x20.4 kg/2x45 lbs)

Economical, Tailored to your needs, Trouble-free operation

We provide optimised economy and high productivity. You can dry 2 loads of pure cotton fabric with 50 percent moisture content every hour. You can optimise your economy by using the Residual Moisture Control TM (RMC) that measures the actual moisture cont.

The range comes with a wide selection of option and accessories including customized user panels to meet the specific needs of your business. Our machines are designed for minimal maintenance requirements and are easy to service.