Industrial Laundry Equipment: Front load washers

  • High-Spin - 300-425G
    Super Spin - 200G washer
  • Super Spin - 200G
    Super Spin - 200G washer

Tin Industrial Services has a complete range of professional washers that incorporates innovative features and cutting-edge technology. We can design a total laundry solution specifically for you.

Economy, performance, time, the perfect balance

With Compass Control you can choose the program set-up that suits you best. Finding the perfect balance between low water and energy consumption, whilst maximising wash results with shorter processing time.

Tailored to your needs, User-friendly, Economical

The range comes with a wide selection of options and accessories to ensure that they meet the specific needs of your business, because every laundry is different. Designed specifically to ensure safe and simple operation. Large door openings, easy-to-use panels and low noise level are appreciated features.

We provide optimised economy and a superior wash, load after load thanks to reduced energy consumption, fast and effective water extraction capacity, choice of controls, flexible dosing of detergents, fewer parts and low-cost installation.