Servery Equipment

Serve your meal professionally. Our servery equipment perfectly integrates all necessary restaurant functions to satisfy the most demanding customers.

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industrial kitchen equipment

Here is what Electrolux offers:

Self Service

It is personalized solution that gives professional caterers confidence to welcome customers in surroundings of high quality, design and maximum functionality. Includes a HACCP button to assure food safety. All these functions guarantee perfect visibility of foods and easy access for consumers.

industrial kitchen equipment
industrial kitchen equipment

Fit system

The right choice for serving hundreds of diverse meals to a large number of persons in a short time. The Fit System perfectly fits any self-service environment: convenience stores and resorts, canteens, cafeteries and restaurants.


They are the optimal answer to the needs of the modern distribution allowing an ideal aesthetical optimization with the surrounding environment. This complete integration makes this range extremly versatile, both for traditional in-line or free distribution systems. All units are easy to clean, have high hygiene standards and are ecologically friendly.

industrial kitchen equipment